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Certified STEAM Educator Program

Certified STEAM Educator Program 

With the very aim of redefining the educational landscape in the country, Robotech Pvt. Ltd. has designed the Certified STEAM Educator program. This 48/96-hour professional training program revolves around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics)-based pedagogy. 
The certified STEAM Educators are empowered to help the students to understand the various aspects of technology-driven society and business ecosystems. The educators will also be able to teach using a multidisciplinary approach to help the students to conceptualize, understand, and solve real-world problems. 

Why Certified STEAM Educator Program? 

The well-envisioned Certified STEAM Educator Program has been smartly framed to equally benefit teachers and students. 
The growing demand for the STEM educators has been tremendously increased globally and STEM certified teachers with the real clasp on the STEM are very likely to get jobs in the industries pertaining to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition, when the world is all set to start the 4th industrial revolution, not just the availability of skilled young generations is the fundamental piece of this revolution to be prospered in our country but also the availability of the equally skilled and smart teachers is crucial. In addition, the rapidly changing technological landscape further poses a new challenge and STEM certified educators again get an edge over others, in the upcoming technology-driven economy. 
The certified STEM educators with good holds on the latest technologies are not only more suitable to get better jobs in education industry but even in the core fields like science, technology, engineering, research, analytics and so forth. 

Teacher's’ Role in 360° Overhauling of Students

 Indistinguishably, the speedy preparedness of students for the upcoming technological disruptions, it is paramount to ensure the smooth and efficacious transition from a today’s learner into smart innovator - with improved real-world problem-solving skills, the capability to develop a concrete solution for various real-world problems, a higher level of cognitive efficiency, and so on. In addition, today’s young generations need to be given not just adequate learning environments and tinkering resources but effective hands-on activity opportunities on a set of existing, new and upcoming technologies. In addition, these essential skills and innovation-oriented learning/tinkering environment further needs to be synchronized with our students’ syllabus, their core concepts and existing curriculum.

All things considered, our holistic and multifaceted STEM certification program covers every aspect of “21st century way of teaching” for teachers so that their students can get their ducks in a row, tomorrow. And along these lines, the flexible eligibility criteria, weekend classes, technology and innovation-oriented training program, and so on are just a few other add-ons of very enraptured STEM certification program that makes our teachers masterly competent for future challenges.

Features at a Glance:

•    Certification program with 48/96 hours of training 
•    Offers knowledge in new & emerging areas of teaching
•    Enhances teachers’ skills and instructional methodologies to match 21st century needs
•    Hands-on sessions through multiple educational kits and resources
•    Regular assessments to gauge the performance 
•    Get opportunities as a STEAM Program Coordinator, STEAM Teacher, or Technology Lab Trainer 

First STEAM Educator Program by Robotech

Realizing the constraining need of a sustained STEM educations, Nirmala Institute of Education, Panjim, Goa – a premier Teachers’ Training Establishment in collaboration with NeoRobos, in one of a kind move - first ever in Goa, launched Certified STEAM Educator Program on 28th November 2018 in the high-spirited presence of  Professor Venkatesh V. Kamat, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Goa University. 


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