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Tinkering Lab Solutions

To foster innovation among school students, Robotech helps in setting up Tinkering Labs in the schools across India. The team at Robotech does not merely act as supplier of equipment. We are one of the oldest and trusted consultants that focus on delivering 360 degree solutions to the schools. The aim is to help the educational institutions get rid of any challenges while setting up and maintenance of these labs that let the students create something revolutionary using the latest technology.

For this purpose, our tech experts deliver comprehensive training on regular intervals to the school teachers related to the equipment supplied in the kit. The teachers, after getting such training, are able to instruct the students in the labs seamlessly. 

If required, we also offer workshops for the students on a particular topic related to science and technology. The school management often collaborates with us for the design of curriculum and assessment. We have four different packages for the schools in India: 

Package 1

This package consists of an array of products related to electronics development. These products include Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Raspberry Pi 3 and different modules for experimentation (such as water pump module). The package also comprises of the Internet of Things-related components and sensors such as humidity sensor and IR sensor. The DIY kits include biomedical kit and automobile kit, whereas robotics components include different servo motors.

Package 2

This is a rapid prototyping package consisting of 3D printing kit and tools. Other essential elements include filament for the 3D printer and filament box. We have also added sets of arts and crafts accessories in this package.

Package 3

The major components of this package include mechanical tools, electric tools and measurement tools. Mechanical tools comprise of pliers, hammers, hacksaws, a workstation for drilling and other essential components. Soldering iron, heat gun, electric screwdriver and other components come under the electric tools. Under the measurement tools, we offer equipment like digital vernier callipers and digital voltage tester.

Package 4

In this package, we add power supply & accessories and safety equipment. From electric wires and bulb holders to safety gloves and goggles, several essentials are added to this package.

Add-On Package

There’s also an add-on package containing kits for STEM-based education and robotics training. We have included kits like Snap circuits Electronics Kit and Lego Robotics kit in this package.

About Tinkering Labs

These labs are hubs of innovation in which the students try their hands on technologies like internet-of-things, 3D printing, development boards, etc. Through the concepts of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), the students are expected to acquire traits like computational thinking, creativity and adaptive learning.

Contact one of our representatives for a comprehensive list of equipment under each package, along with the pricing.