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Robotech conducts STEAM, robotics, and personality development workshops in India to deliver several lessons in ten days or less. Through these workshops, different groups of learners acquaint themselves with skills like robotics, technology, electronics, STEM education and Personality Development. These learning programs are ideal for teachers, school students and tinkerers. Even the engineering students who want to clear their programming or electronics-related concepts using educational kits can opt for these programs.

Salient features of workshops by Robotech:

  • Eight different workshops to choose from according to the skills you want to acquire
  • Emphasis on hands-on learning through educational kits and equipment
  • Dedicated books and syllabus are designed for each course
  • The learners can choose from one-day, three-day, or ten-day workshop
  • The trainers comes with an impressive educational background and experience

The different workshops we deliver include:


The students learn how a robot is built and programmed with the help of kits like Thinnkware Mechanzo, SPRK+ and Lego EV3 Mindstorms. The robotics workshops act as foundation course for anyone who wants to enter the field of robotics or participate in a robotics competition.


We introduce the learners to booming technologies like 3D printing as a part of our technology workshop. This program covers the fundamentals of Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Makeblock mBot.

Electronics & Drones

Through this workshop, we intend to simplify various electronics-related concepts with the use of electronics kits like Snap Circuits. The students also acquaint themselves with the functioning and principles of drones.


This workshop prepares the kids for one of the most promising and exciting careers - Animation. For this purpose, we utilize Zu3D animation kit, Story Starter kit and Flash Animation.


We focus on imparting application-based coding skills by deploying kits like Lego Wedo and microcontrollers like Arduino. These products help the students acquire the essentials of programming languages like C/C++ and Python. They also acquire the though process of a programmer.

PBL (Project-based learning)

As the name suggests, the workshop involves working on a project to learn several STEM-related skills. The students attempt to solve some daily-life problem or an environmental challenge using these projects. They use an array of educational products in the process, such as Lego kits, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Internet of Things.


This workshop lays the groundwork related to STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among the kids. This is achieved by combining the power of several educational resources like Lego Early Simple Machines, Soft Bricks, Simple & Powered and EV3 Mindstorms. The working models using these enables the kids to absorb different concepts like a sponge.

Personality Development Program

We prepare the kids for the real world by imparting traits like confidence and time management. The students also learn essential etiquettes and the importance of health & hygiene by enrolling in this workshop. Due to the fun activities used, the students never find this program preachy.