About Us

Robotech India Pvt. Ltd. is on a mission to change the conventions of the education in India through technology-driven solutions and approaches. We believe that, with these solutions, no student in future will succumb to the ordinary way of life due to lack of advanced educational resources. Instead, the students will be empowered to bring about a radical change in the society through their innovative ideas and skill set.

To achieve this, we offer multiple solutions in the form of:

  • Technology (Technology Lab Solutions & STEM education)
  • Assessments
  • Competitions
  • STEM and robotics products & kits
  • Shared & Learning (Educational video resources)

There are several companies today that are working on the cutting edge technologies such as IoT, AI, and Automation, to name a few. Several others will join this bandwagon soon. This will essentially create a gap in the skilled manpower in the future. Robotech works from grass root level and has training programs from Playschool to Sr. Secondary level to bridge this gap. There are also specialized programs for Engineers, Managers and the corporate professionals, and hence, this organization is playing a pivotal role in Human Development.

Robotech is a trusted consultant and equipment supplier for setting up technology labs in different schools of India. We deliver equipment, kits, curriculums, training, workshops for technologies like 3D printing, embedded systems, mechanical engineering, etc.. This is another step towards the betterment of the educational realm and the society as a whole.

We believe that helping the students to analyze their skills is a leap forward towards their development. Therefore, we conduct assessments and competitions that give the students a chance to gauge their adeptness on different technologies and critical thinking skills.

In this era of shared economy, Robotech has launched a platform for shared learning that emphasizes on goal-oriented learning. The aim of this platform is to create a marketplace where value addition is offered through shared and focused learning. The users utilize the videos and other educational resources to become self-sufficient when it comes to achieving adroitness on a specific subject. We also provide educational tools and kits that make the learning more intelligible.

With the change in technological trends, we keep on evolving and growing to be able to deliver our solutions in the finest possible manner.


At Robotech Private Limited, we are focused on safe disposal of electronic waste to minimize the impact on the environment. Find the list of collection points/collection centers from here.