It’s an undeniable truth that one of the most precious things in this world is time. That is the reason why in an interview, the legendary Tamil and Bollywood actor Kamal Haasan once said: “If I had stolen anything valuable in this world, I could have stolen time.” However, time is precious for those who understand the importance of time by making its best use in life as the time once passed can never return. So, why don’t you make the best use of your time at such a time when you are having ample of time?

As you all are well aware that due to the spread of the deadly coronavirus or covid19, the whole world is affected in a very miserable way. It has terrified the humanity at large causing thousands of deaths, hospitalisation, quarantining and all. Many countries in the world including, India have enforced lockdown which is just like clamping of curfew. Nobody will get out of homes until any dire requirement or emergency arises there. All of should follow this precautionary measure to prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

I have seen in some video clips that people are dancing, singing, watching movies at their homes to bust their boredom during this lockdown while there are also the people who are praying Almighty God to get the whole humanity relieved from this menace. Students have also shown their patience by staying home consistently. What I meant to say is why don’t you make the best use of this sufficient time? If you really want to educate yourself from your home in the stream of science, technology, engineering, maths and other relevant subjects, it’s a golden opportunity to visit where you can find a treasures of learning through online and video classes.

Just visit the website where you can watch free educational videos related to the following and learn these valuable things online.

  • Elementary learning
  • STEM Concepts
  • Robotics and Coding
  • Electronics & Embedded Systems
  • 3D Printing
  • Audiovisual Assessments

You can register on My STEM Time as a mentor or as student. Videos on the following information and topics are available for aspiring students who watch them and benefit from them as much as possible:

  • My STEM Time feature multiple products based videos
  • Watch STEM videos on different categories
  • Watch ATAL Tinkering Lab videos and check the level of learning the videos
  • Watch participants spending times on models in competition
  • Connect with Mentor & Students on the contests regularly held

My STEM Time has a team of professionals who are specialised in their field with ample expertise ever ready to help you learn what you aspire to learn and even what you might have not been knowing whether to learn or not to learn. They are selected professionals to introduce you to the modern and international patterns of learning like STEM & STEAM Education, ATAL Tinkering Lab, Artificial Intelligence, etc. as all these are made through STEM and STEAM the subject to hands-on learning or practical learning with tools and other objects. The videos related to them will also suffice to teach you as much as you can be able to handle these things easily. So, hurry up! The time once passed will never return to serve you again.


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