Robotech conducts annual assessments to increase the involvement of students in STEM education. Regular education relies majorly on textbook learning to impart STEM-related knowledge. Even the exams are based on what a student has learned from the books. Robotech is trying to change the scenario through the STEM assessments in India that are completely based on applications of scientific models.

The test is designed using Bloom’s taxonomy, an educational tool for assessing learning on different cognitive levels. The questions revolve around concepts like friction, load, working of gears, sensors, etc. The participants come to know about their strengths and weaknesses related to various concepts of Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Salient features of our STEM assessment:

  • 15 audio-visual multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
  • MCQs based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Participation certificate for each student
  • Distinction certificate for students scoring 75 percent or above
  • Medals and rank certificates for grade toppers
  • Comprehensive school and student performance reports.
  • The duration is approximately one hour

Through this assessment, we expect the students to learn various science and mathematical skills in simplest possible manner. They also develop skills like logical thinking, creative problem solving, and cognitive development.

Here’s how it works:

  • For each question, a working model-related video is shown to the student.
  • The video begins by showing the major parts of the model followed by the working principle of the model.
  • Towards the end of the video, a question is asked related to the same model.
  • There are four options to choose from for answering the question.

Student Performance Report

The student performance report is a key feature of our assessment. Through these reports, the students come to know their marks, rank and percentile, along with average marks in their schools and other participating schools. They also learn about question-wise performance analysis.

School Performance Report

Each participating school receives a performance report with multiple sections. This report comprises of student-wise performance analysis, question-wise grade performance analysis and grade-wise standard deviation. They also come to know about the performance of their students in comparison with other participating schools.

Benefits of a formal, structured assessment

Through an assessment that’s formal and structured, the students come to know about their strength and weakness precisely. These assessments also tell them about the scope of improvement. The schools, on the other hand, learn about the dexterity of their students in terms of STEM subjects. This helps plan out a strategy to further improve the level of teaching related to a specific aspect of STEM.

Sample Performance Reports

These reports are just for representation purpose. The original report varies with the inclusion of additional sections.

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