Through its Build-A-Thon brand, Robotech strives to prepare the college students for technologies in demand. We have created an ecosystem comprising of offerings like DIY tinkering boxes, technology labs, workshops and Build-A-Thon event. Let’s discuss each of these offerings in detail.

Innovation Lab

It’s a four-year program in which college students acquire technological skills through lab innovation lab established by Robotech. The students get well-versed with technologies like embedded systems, robotics, and Internet of Things. With more than 400 projects, the focus is on industrial applications.


The colleges can enroll their students for 1-day, 3-day, or 10-day workshop offered by Build-A-Thon. These workshops, with job-oriented curriculum, are offered using latest technologies and educational kits.

Build-A-Thon Event

We also organize Build-A-Thon event where engineering students from different streams participate to create projects based on different technologies. 60-hour training by industry experts prior to project development is also an integral part of the event. Various recruitment agencies and corporate houses use this platform to recruit adept candidates for different roles in their organizations.

Tinkering Kits

There are numerous DIY Tinkering kits offered under Build-A-Thon brand that students can purchase for learning different technologies. This kits are segregated on the basis of different years of engineering programs. They are also specialized kits to learn 3D printing from scratch, drone building from scratch, and design thinking.

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