PLAYBOTICS is a competition that is conducted twice a year. It was first conducted in 2016 and has since been used to test and challenge the STEAM concepts that are taught to students.
It is divided into 2 categories namely:

Nursery to 2nd

The kids from classes Nursery to 2nd class participate in this. Their problem- solving skills and critical thinking skills are challenged as they showcase whatever they have learned previously in their classes.
Bee-Bots are used to test their comprehension skills and their knowledge of numbers and basic math comprehension.

3rd and 4th

The students in 3rd and 4th classes are judged on the basis of their communication skills and asked to present a topic which they have prepared beforehand. This tests their comprehensions and their ability to clearly express their point.

They are also tested on their problem solving skills, mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills using PRO-BOTS.

PLAYBOTICS ’17 (Finals): JBM Global School

The National level PLAYBOTICS was held in JBM Global School. The event was a huge success and was appreciated by both parents and participating schools.

PLAYBOTICS ’17 (Regional): SRS International School-faridabad</span>

This was the regional round before the finals and the enthusiasm of the participating students and schools was at an all time high. A lot of schools participated.

PLAYBOTICS ’17 (Regional): Arwachin International School

The Delhi regional round saw a lot of schools participating in the PLAYBOTICS league. The students of different gelled well together and it turned out to be a very lively and successful event.

PLAYBOTICS ’17 (Regional): Delhi Public World School

This regional round hosted in Greater Noida was the hub for all the students to display their in-depth knowledge of STEAM that had been imparted to them throughout the year and make their school proud.