Robotech, a next-gen STEM education envoy in India with its futuristic and R & D driven educational solutions, has been tremendously bridging unaffordable gap, in the era of 4th Industrial revolution. We have our presences at Pan India Level. We have number of quality program for schools which aim to transform tradition classroom into dynamic one by imparting STEM Education.

Glimpse of our Programs

Technology Labs for Schools

We also believe that, these days, our students should not wait till colleges to attain these necessary skills. We provides hands-on learning platform from pre-schools to higher grades, when it is easy to mould their minds and make them adaptive to new technology through our various Labs on different technology. The technological moulding of young generations’ mind is perfect enough to give them the sufficient edge on others in tomorrow’s technology-driven economy. Amusingly, learning 21st century based technologies is no longer an independent entity but we have integrated it in such a way that is now an integral part of the existing curriculum.
Objective of developing these labs is to transform our students from the user of technology to innovators by acquainting our learners with the next-gen skills. Our Lab setup include all the required Resources materials with complete Teaching Support Data (Content/Curriculum) along with Training for Teachers.

Workshop & Clubs

Our Workshops provide opportunities to students to grow with technology each day. Our various workshops/clubs on AI, Rapid-prototyping, Robotics, Aero-Modelling etc designed to ensure 360° tech nourishment Learners. Through workshops/clubs learners will also develop tech skill required to beat these competitive edge such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Hands-on with Programming languages to test live Coding & Robotics.
These workshop are designed for 1 day, 3 days & 10 days Programs with minimum of 2 hrs per Day covering technology infused education, that bring skill to the classroom and cover all aspects related to the development of a persona.


The underpinning technological skills that students are ingrained must be validated through some means of Assessments/Competitions. Thus, to ensure the effective learning outcome and overall growth of students, we provide Assessments to our schools wherein our programs runs. These Assessments designed with Weekly Open class Activities & Monthly basis with some set of Question Papers. We also conduct STEM Audio/Video Assessments.


These events foster innovation & provide progressive performance quotient to the participants that essentially measure 21st Century skills. We organize different competitions on Regional, National & International Competitions. & also prepare students for National & International competitions which stimulate student’s innovational and technological skills. We also prepare the students for several national and international-level competitions like First Lego League, WRO, RoboCup etc.

Teacher Training Program

The unimpeachable value of 21st century way teaching is the “Hands-on-based teaching”, where students play the active roles in the learning environment and educators play the passive role as Mentor. With these lines, we provide teacher training programs for all age group teachers. Wherein, teachers will explore “How to integrate STEAM disciplines with School Syllabus” & will enable to impart more of experiential learning to the educators